Neonatal Unit Saves Baby Fatima

A pregnant mother delivered her baby named Fatima by cesarean section at Afshar Hospital on December 14, 2022, weighing 6 pounds. At the time of the baby’s birth, staff identified that the mom’s blood type was O Rh negative and the baby’s blood type was A Rh positive, causing hemolytic disease. This blood disorder occurs when the blood types of a mother and baby are incompatible. This disease causes red blood cells to break down and die faster than the body can replenish them, thus leading to anemia. In most cases, the hemolytic disease is treated through blood transfusions to replace the baby’s damaged blood with new compatible blood. Throughout the first crucial days of baby Fatima’s life, Afshar Hospital’s neonatal unit worked tirelessly to provide the baby with multiple blood transfusions to bring her vials to a safe and normal level.

The Rh incompatibility that baby Fatima was experiencing in her first days of life caused severe Hyperbilirubinemia (too much bilirubin in baby's blood) and neonatal sepsis. After 12 days in the neonatal unit, baby Fatima received phototherapy, five blood transfusions, and three rounds of intravenous antibiotics. At discharge, she was still showing mild signs of neonatal jaundice, but we are happy to report that at the time of follow-up, her jaundice had significantly improved. Fatima’s parents were extremely overjoyed that their baby’s health had improved, and they were thankful to the staff for providing her with their full supportive care.

We appreciate and congratulate the neonatal unit for their excellent work in saving such a fragile new life in a consistent and caring manner.

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