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AMOR is made up of a small, ambitious team dedicated to building healthy communities worldwide. We commit to engage, motivate, and partner with compassionate community members while bringing dignity, empowerment and opportunity to the economic, social, and culturally diverse communities we serve. Our base of operations is located in Fresno, CA, but our work targets needs locally and globally. If you’re interested in joining our team, please see all available positions below.

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It looks like all our positions are filled at the moment... we are growing, so feel free to check back here soon.

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AMOR - General Donation

AMOR is a community benefit organization that works strategically with our partners to build healthier communities in areas of concentrated poverty. Whether across the globe in Afghanistan, Ukraine, or in our own backyard of West Fresno County, we increase access to quality, affordable health care and health education.


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AMOR Ukraine Health Organization

Ukraine needs your help now! No donation is too small. Your donation will immediately help Ukrainian families in Kherson with generator electricity, food, and warm clothing. A donation of $1,500 can buy a generator for a family and provide much-needed electricity for the coming winter.

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Mendota, California USA

Kabul, Afghanistan

AMOR Ukraine Health Organization

AMOR - General Donation

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