Kabul, Afghanistan

Alliance for Medical Outreach & Relief (AMOR) was founded in 2008 with a vision to build healthier communities in areas of concentrated poverty. Our cornerstone project began in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2009 with a 100-bed hospital in an effort to increase access to quality and affordable health care for all. For over 14 years, AMOR’s Afshar Hospital has provided life-saving care and treatment to children and their families in Kabul, Afghanistan. Afshar Hospital has provided Kabul and surrounding areas with a full-service hospital that includes the following departments:

Maternity · Neonatal · Pediatrics · Urgent care · In-patient · Out-patient · Surgery

· Pharmacy · Lab · Microbiology · Radiology · Dental


Maternal & Neonatal Care

Maternal and child mortality rates in Afghanistan were among the worst in the world. 1 in 7 women were dying from complications related to childbirth and 1 in 5 children were dying from preventable and treatable diseases. Afshar hospital provides a full-service maternity unit staffed with female OB-GYN specialists. A team of Pediatricians and skilled nurses staff the pediatric and neonatal departments. A safe and clean hospital environment is strictly maintained for infection control and prevention. Women have access to pre- and post-natal care, ultrasounds, and pregnancy clinics, lab work, x-rays, surgical and vaginal deliveries, and surgical emergencies. 


Preventative Care

We provide our patients with health education for recovery and preventive care. Through our outreach and partnership with the World Diabetes Foundation, we have been able to increase diabetes awareness and health screenings throughout the country, so that early detection and intervention will prevent life-altering complications and death.


Health Education

Education is the backbone of AMOR’s model of care. Girls and women that receive treatment, care and education through AMOR’s hospital, clinics, and health lessons, survive at a much higher rate than the rest of the population. Each day, 100 girls and women in our clinics learn the benefits of family planning, contraceptives, waiting to marry, seeking care by skilled professionals, and pre- and post-natal care. AMOR’s health educators give daily lessons on health and the importance of remaining in school.

The Vision.

Preventative care is essential in reducing the risk for diseases, disabilities, and death. Afshar hospital provides preventative care through a diabetes specialty clinic, malnutrition screenings/services, various vaccination opportunities and dental care.

For over 10 years, AMOR’s Afshar Hospital has provided life-saving care and treatment to children and their families in Kabul, Afghanistan. Our model of care sets out to create significant and lasting change in underserved communities and areas of concentrated poverty. Each facet of our cornerstone project serves as the foundation for our sustainability.


AMOR creates reliable income opportunities for all 190 Afghan employees, which include physicians, radiologists, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, and supportive staff. Afshar Hospital staff participate in ongoing continued medical education programs to improve skills and knowledge of the medical services provided by the hospital.

AMOR creates income opportunities to Afghans regardless of
race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability through equal-opportunity employment.

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AMOR is made up of a small, ambitious team dedicated to building healthy communities worldwide. We commit to engage, motivate, and partner with compassionate community members while bringing dignity, empowerment and opportunity to the economic, social, and culturally diverse communities we serve. Our base of operations is located in Fresno, CA, but our work targets needs locally and globally. If you’re interested in joining our team, please see all available positions below.

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AMOR is a community benefit organization that works strategically with our partners to build healthier communities in areas of concentrated poverty. Whether across the globe in Afghanistan, Ukraine, or in our own backyard of West Fresno County, we increase access to quality, affordable health care and health education.


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Ukraine needs your help now! No donation is too small. Your donation will immediately help Ukrainian families in Kherson with generator electricity, food, and warm clothing. A donation of $1,500 can buy a generator for a family and provide much-needed electricity for the coming winter.

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