AMOR Hosts the 2nd Annual Girl Scouts Whobilation in Mendota

The AMOR Wellness Center was filled with laughter and smiles during the Girl Scouts of Central California South’s 2nd annual Whobilation. This fun, family-friendly holiday event included arts and crafts, games, and a photo station.

Children lined up to create and decorate their very own mini-Grinch Christmas trees using waffle cones, frosting, and candy as ornaments. They also enjoyed a game of ring toss and had the chance to spin a Grinch wheel to win some prizes.

Girl Scouts also partnered with a local organization, 655 Unidxs, to hand out sweaters and coats to attendees. An essential need during this time of year for immigrants who arrive with little to no clothing. Centro La Familia also handed out food boxes provided by the Central California Food Bank.

Finally, this Who-liday would not have been complete without a cameo from both mean old Mr. Grinch and Santa Claus! An event staple that brightened up everyone’s day!

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe… Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.”- The Grinch

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