AMOR Distributes Food to Families Despite Extreme Heat Conditions

The first Tuesday of every month brings relief to hundreds of residents in Mendota, CA. It’s the day they can count on the AMOR team to alleviate food insecurity during a time of financial hardship.    

On Tuesday September 7, 2022, employees and volunteers from AMOR and Fresno EOCgathered in the parking lot of the AMOR Wellness Center to host a monthly food distribution. The team of 14 volunteers worked vigorously to give food to 177 families, with a total of 874 people, while a high temperature in Mendota reached to 115 degrees. The dry heat and harsh weather could not stop the team from completing their goal of fighting hunger amongst one of the most vulnerable populations in the Central Valley.

Residents had the opportunity to speak with representatives from Wellcare By Health Net and obtain information about the Medicare Advantage plans, coverage and benefits.

Fresno County Rural Transit Agency provided free transportation services to and from the AMOR Wellness Center for locals who could not drive to the event. These residents were grateful for the measures put in place to help prevent any possible heat related injuries, and to secure their much-needed food donations.

AMOR is proud to partner with the Central California Food Bank, and Fresno EOC to supply dried goods, fruits and vegetables to families, and the elderly. This collaboration improves the health status of the Mendota community. AMOR also offers residents assistance through our emergency food pantry at the AMOR Wellness Center.

Monthly food distributions are held at the AMOR Wellness Center located at 115 Belmonte Avenue, Mendota CA. The event starts at 9:00am on the first Tuesday of the month. Food is subject to availability while supplies last. For transportation to and from the event, contact Fresno County Rural Transit Agency at (855) 612-5184.

 Together, we are building healthy communities worldwide! Thank you for your support! 

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