Zainuddin’s Story

July 13, 2015

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Thirteen year old Zainuddin and his father traveled over 155 miles to reach Afshar hospital after being referred by their local doctor in the Khost province. When Zainuddin arrived, he was given a full evaluation by the head of pediatrics, Dr. Amin. It was determined that he had diabetes and Thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder which causes an abnormal formation of hemoglobin preventing the sufficient amount of oxygen to be transported to the body’s cells. This makes patients anemic and causes them to have a buildup of iron in their blood. Dr. Amin determined that monthly blood transfusions and medication to prevent the iron saturation would be necessary.

In order to help provide ongoing support to Zainuddin and his family, the staff at Afshar has provided them with education on the treatment of diabetes, blood sugar monitoring, correct diet, and the importance of maintaining his transfusion schedule once he returns home.

Our goal is that, through correct diagnoses and effective education on the importance of proper disease management, children like Zainuddin will be able to experience a more normal, healthy childhood with fewer hospital stays.

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