Teen Heart Disease Patient Regains Hope

August 17, 2016

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Dressed up in a blue blazer, yet critically ill, 18 year old Intezar Akbary waited anxiously for his check up with Dr. Awab and Dr. Sadat at Afshar Hospital.

The Journey:

Intezar’s journey began as he tried to seek answers to his health problems, reading through every book he could and searching through every online article. He seemed to always be sick, developing fevers often. In search of a diagnosis, Intezar traveled to Pakistan. There, doctors told Intezar they couldn’t determine what he had, and ultimately prescribed him antimalarial antibiotics though he had not been diagnosed with malaria.

Over time, Intezar’s condition became increasingly worse. His fever never went away, he became severely anemic and unhealthily thin. Finally, based on the recommendation of a relative, who is also a staff member of Afshar, Intezar’s family decided to take Intezar to Afshar Hospital. This was a 150 mile trip from their home in Jalalabad province to Kabul, Afghanistan.

Upon arriving, Intezar was immediately seen by Dr. Awab and Dr. Sadat. During the examination, Dr. Awab found a heart murmur [an unusual sound heard during a heartbeat] and decided to investigate further.

After taking a blood culture, a test to find bacteria in the blood, doctors diagnosed Intezar with infective endocarditis. Endocarditis is caused by a bacterial infection, which leads to an infected mass called a “vegetation”. The bacteria enters the bloodstream and can settle in either the heart lining, a heart valve, or a blood vessel. To eliminate the infection, Intezar was immediately placed on IVantibiotics.  Antibiotic treatmen this way is much stronger than what a person can take with pills.

Intezar stayed at Afshar Hospital for two weeks before being referred to Rahman Medical Institute, a well-known cardiac center in Pakistan. There, doctors concluded that he had been perfectly treated at Afshar Hospital and that they had no further recommendations. Intezar continued the antibiotic treatments at Afshar Hospital and after one month, the inflammation began to decrease.

Hope Regained:

Six weeks after Intezar was admitted, Dr. Sadat gave Intezar great news. The mass had disappeared and the infections were gone. Intezar was asymptomatic, however, he still needed an additional week of antibiotics treatment.

Like many others who have been treated at Afshar Hospital, Intezar left with a great sense of gratitude. He considers himself and other Afghans extremely lucky to have a place like Afshar Hospital where doctors and staff bring hope to patients through the healing they provide and the lives they save.

When asked what his hope for his future is, Intezar responded by saying, “I will be kindly with people, especially sick ones and will help them because I had a very bad condition and because of Afshar Hospital physicians, now I am completely ok.”


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One Response to Teen Heart Disease Patient Regains Hope

  1. I am Fahim Bellagh IT Manager in Afshar Hospital , Kabul Afghanistan.
    This guy is my cousin brother also my brother in law .
    And regarding his illness he visited pakistan many times but no one diagnosed him finally he came from jalal abad province of Afghanistan to Afshar Hospital .
    I really appreciate from button of heart our staff here in afshar hospital specially internal medicine ward they diagnosed him .
    Dr Sayed Daud Sadat head of OPD and IPD Dr. Awab Safi helped him .
    Now Intizar (Patient) graduated form high school he is now studying BBA Bachelor of Business Administration .

    Thank you once again AMOR

    May Allah bless everyone support AMOR

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