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AMOR has selected Mendota, California as a target area for its first domestic project to bring much needed services to under served farm workers and their children in the Central Valley– the breadbasket of the world. This area has been designated by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) as a shortage area for primary care, mental health and dental services. AMOR's goal is to mobilize an alliance of safety-net providers and family and youth resources for the community.

January 31, 2018


AMOR’s vision is to build a multi-structure eco-friendly facility in west Fresno County in Mendota, CA. The facility would serve as an extended hours, primary care health center and hub for comprehensive wraparound social and youth services.

AMOR has moved from the planning phase into the design phase of building a health clinic, family resource center and youth center for families in Mendota, CA.

AMOR is creating partnerships with medical and safety-net providers and well-established and reputable community-based organizations. This innovative collaboration is designed to improve the quality of life for farm workers, their families and surrounding communities.

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Local Project Goal: 

  • To serve uninsured and underserved families who have limited access to health and social services in west Fresno County.

Local Project Purpose:

  • To build an alliance of medical, social service and youth development providers who fill gaps in health services, health education and social services.

Local Project Impact: 

  • To transform health outcomes for farm workers and their families who are the hidden backbone of one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions.

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The Problem

Limited Hours – Lack of medical and pharmaceutical services after regular business/school hours and on weekends.

Medical Specialists – Limited access to medical specialists, such as Pediatricians, forces patients to drive 40 miles to the nearest specialty care provider.

School –Based – Limited school-based health services and health education classes for 3,000 Mendota school age children.

Chronic Disease – Farm workers, who make up one-third of Mendota’s population, generally retire between the ages of 49-52 due to chronic diseases such as asthma, HTN (hypertension or high blood pressure), diabetes, arthritis or dementia.

Preventative Health Care – Families living in areas of concentrated poverty, like Mendota, struggle to focus on preventative efforts to stay healthy.

Learn about the statistics that keep Mendota

A Community Solution

Extended Hours – We Plan to build a multi-structure, eco-friendly facility that serves as a hub for medical, social and youth wraparound services.  Extended hours after regular business/school hours and on weekends will be offered.

Specialty Care -We will offer specialty services in areas such as: OB-GYN, Pediatrics, Laboratory, Imaging and Dentistry.

School-Based – We are partnering with the Mendota Unified School to meet the school district’s health care and health education needs.

Chronic Disease -We will increase access to providers who will educate patients on how to identify early signs and risk factors for chronic disease.  Health and nutrition education will contribute to preventing chronic disease.

Preventative Health Care – Will be accessible to all in the Mendota community and surrounding areas.  We will offer and promote:

  • Screening tests
  • Tips for a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Access to nutritious foods
  • Maintaining a good relationship with a consistent health care provider
  • Immunizations
  • Healthy diets and exercise
  • Regular check-ups

Health care would be available to all, regardless of ability to pay!


To learn more about the local project or ways to get involved contact us at (559) 440-8330 or email us at info@amorelief.org 

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