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Did you know that adolescent girls in developing countries miss up to a quarter of their education because they do not have access to sanitary products?


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Give MONTHLY: Just $10, $25, $50 or another amount supplies the raw materials in the creation of the pads, and pays for the salaries of the women who make them.

ONE-TIME Gift: A one-time gift helps purchase the initial equipment, pay shipping, and provide training for the three staff women who will manufacture the pads.

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The HerTime Initiative will provide funding for:
♦ The initial purchase of the equipment ♦ Raw materials ♦ Salaries for 3 new female employees to manufacture the pads
♦ The salary for one of the health education instructors

Why did we start the HerTCopy Children (13)ime Initiative? Soon after we launched the Adolescent Girls Health Education classes in 2013 in the Afghanistan public schools surrounding Afshar hospital, our instructors realized that many girls had little to no access to basic sanitary products. This means that during a girl’s “time of the month”, coming to school is usually not possible. As a result, she gets behind in her studies, which increases her risks of dropping out of school altogether.

Supporting education for girls is particularly important in Afghanistan the country with the highest rate of gender inequality in education¹. The number of girls receiving an elementary school education has grown significantly since 2002, however only 36% of Afghan girls are enrolled in school and that percentage declines each year of secondary and high school.

With the health education program reaching over 1,800 girls between the ages of 10 and 18 years each month, we became aware of the need to find a long-term solution to ensure that each girl would have the option of remaining in school during “her time of the month.”   Learn More: Watch the HerTime Impact Video

In order to address this need AMOR has reached out to Jayaashree Industries, a company in India that has engineered a compact machine which creates sanitary products in a simple 3 part process using readily available raw materials [See the inventor’s inspiring story here and learn more about this machine]. The cost to make a single pad using Jayaashree’s machine is less than $0.10! The machine will be set up at Afshar Hospital where 3 Afghan women will be employed to produce the pads. Once produced the pads will then be given out for free by our health education instructors to the girls enrolled in the education classes.

¹As noted in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) annual Education for All Global Monitoring Report



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