AMOR Stories of Hope: Shakila’s Journey

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We use the phrase, “Building healthy communities worldwide.” Our mission at AMOR is to improve the health status of the communities we serve. We believe all communities should have access to healthcare, education and critical services to live healthy lives.

Shakila is a young expectant mother that lives in a far rural area of Kabul, Afghanistan. Ecstatic with the idea of being a first time mom, Shakila’s joy was met with the reality of being diagnosed with Eclampsia.


Eclampsia affects 1 in every 200 women with preeclampsia. Eclampsia is a serious condition where high blood pressure results in seizures during a pregnancy. Eclampsia come from a result of preeclampsia, having high blood pressure and protein in the urine during pregnancy. Common symptoms of eclampsia are seizures, loss of consciousness, agitation, headaches or muscle pain.

Shakila knew the only place to safely deliver her newborn would be at Afshar Hospital. Shakila arrived in serious condition and thanks to the doctors and nurses, Shakila survived and was able to safely deliver her first baby boy.

Shakila was so grateful for the staff at Afshar Hospital that saved her and her newborn. As AMOR continues to expand its reach in Afghanistan, through expanding community clinics and treating more patients in the country, more people learn about the life-saving services at Afshar Hospital. Shakila’s nephew was born at Afshar Hospital and trusted that her son can have an opportunity to have a healthy start in life.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth every day. Maternal mortality is higher in women living in rural area and poorer communities. It is important to have skilled care before, during and after delivering a baby, ultimately saving the lives of women and newborn babies.

Access to health care should not be a challenge. At Afshar Hospital, we ensure access to health is available for all mothers and their newborns.

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On February 9, 2018

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