Continuing Education at Afshar Hospital

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AMOR is always growing and evolving, ensuring we have excellent continuing education for our medical staff. At our cornerstone project at Afshar Hospital, the physicians, nurses and midwives are constantly improving their medical knowledge through monthly classes on health and safety practices. Every year, through an annual test, we assess their knowledge with a 75 – 100 question exam that assesses core knowledge and learning throughout the year.


The exam is an excellent way for AMOR to understand how well our staff have learned from the monthly classes.  The exam encourages competitive, fun learning and the cash bonus to the top score in each category provides a great incentive. After the test is graded, we evaluate what topics need additional education and use this information to develop the education calendar for the next year.

AMOR is always striving to provide the best health care possible for our patients and give the best possible service. We value empowering the people we serve and work with by providing new opportunities that nurture self-worth and lead toward self-sufficiency. We value our staff and volunteers and their diverse talents, backgrounds, passion and commitment to the community.




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On June 23, 2017
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  1. Outstanding job AMOR, we appreciate your help in Afghanistan

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