Winter Boots: A Simple Impact Part Two

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Sana is from a small town in Afghanistan. For so many years Sana dreamed of going to school like every other child more fortunate than her. She was living in a small house with her mother and father. When Sana received the new pair of winter boots from TOMS, she was so excited. Attending school is now part of a new phase of her life.


Global change comes when we work together. AMOR is the local partner in Afghanistan that collaborates with AmeriCares, a non-profit disaster relief and global health organization and TOMS Shoes. Each of the three partners play a specific role in achieving a common goal, which is to provide school kids in Afghanistan with a pair of shoes throughout the year.


Fawad is studying under an old tent. He attends school and also works to help his family by selling plastics on the side of the road in Kabul. Poverty, homelessness and starvation are a factor in his life.  When he received a new pair of boots he was so happy, to him it was a perfect day. “I am satisfied with everything your organization has done for me,” Fawad said.

Fawad is one of the 85 % of Afghan students that sit under old, worn down torn tents when they attend classes. Students sit, learn and study under the tents in the cold winters and through the hot summers. Fawad and his classmates were extremely grateful for the winter boots.



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On March 3, 2017
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